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Vission and Mission

Our Vision

We will manage and take full responsibility of the family by listing up our vision clearly. * Be a Loving Family.
* Develop Disciplined Individual
* Growth a Compassionate Being.
* Build a Responsible Community.

Our Future Plan

* We set up some plan to make it much easier for us leading the home care centre's future
* Acquire a property of our own to house the children
* Grow and develop our administrative.
* Gain the capability to take care of more children who is in needs
* Encourage more people to join their hands in supporting the needy children, provide financial assistance or food provisions.
* Maintain better accommodations facilities
* Acquire more committed full time staff
* Having a tuition centre to assist the children's

What We Do

We are care centre whom taking the responsibilities to build a harmony family for the kids, which to provide comfort and education to the kids, and here are what we are doing.
* We take care of those who are without parent or next - of kin to care for them and often referred to as "orphan"
* We look after those who are abused, abandoned, neglected by parent due to alcohol issues, drugs or illness.
* We take care of those who are underprivileged and whose parents have no capability or whatsoever to maintain their children.

Who We are

Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak Yatim Mary, formerly known as Sanctuary Care Centre was established in 15th April 2003 by Pastor Rev.Dr.Mary. Our home care centre is registered under government with the registration number 0694-10WKL.

We have few volunteers and 3 full time staffs which are now supported by Late Pastor. Mathews and his wife sister Malar is in the recycling business industry. Now our home has 48 children (22 males and 26 females). They are about 3 to 19 years old, most of them are Indian. Only 4 orphans studying in kinder garden, the others are in primary and secondary schools. Most of our children here go to the Government school. However, those who are weak in their studies will go to a home schooling programme.

Meanwhile, the home also carried out other activities with the assistance of volunteers and full time staff which is in line with our objective to provide a loving and caring environment for the abused, neglected, underprivileged, single parent and orphans. The children would be provided with spiritual directions; counselling and encouragement for those are emotionally hurt by the volunteers and our staffs.


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